Tour of California LIVE - Stage 3

2009 Tour of California, Stage 3, Patterson Pass Road:  As race leader Levi Leipheimer (far right) drinks from his water bottle, his Astana team controls the front of the peloton before the real chasing of the breakaway begins.
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- VERSUS, "The home black hole of professional cycling."  (They aborted today's stage finish to switch to hockey.)  Race is streaming live on Live Player and the Tour Tracker (links under "Live video streaming" in gray area at right).

- Laura:  "Photo upload at halfway point of completion.  Will leave it running while shooting the breakaway and peloton as they pass."

- Laura: "The breakaway riders are about 5 minutes from our current location.  Go Go Go"

- Our photo team just called in:  They are uploading shots they took of both the breakaway and the peloton on Patterson Pass Road.  (They found the windmills.)  Media pass and smiles are doing wonders for getting through police barriers as they drive from location to location.  Will post a pic shortly.  Carlos said that the 4 breakaway riders (Mollema (Rabobank), Vandborg (Liquigas), Louder (BMC Racing Team) and White (OUCH)) oddly didn't appear to be going all out.  Carlos added that Laura now wants to shoot the Giro d'Italia!

- LIVE coverage, current situation:  Live video streaming on Tour Tracker and on cycling.tvLive audio feeds playing on EurosportVersus TV is also showing the race live in the U.S.

- Have gotten way behind in posting photo galleries, but they're coming.  (Picked a heck of a week to get sick; 8 trans-Atlantic flights in just over 12 months will do that to you.  And unfortunately I don't have an IT department!)  Our photo team Laura and Carlos reported in an hour or so ago saying they were looking for windmill/peloton shots.  If they get something and are able to get a wireless modem connection, I'll post a pic before the stage finish.  -Pete

- More Tour of California video clips and highlights coming up shortly.

- Today's Tour of California Stage 3 departs San José at 12pm PST (3pm U.S. Eastern or 21:00 CET).  The Tour Tracker live coverage should begin at around that time.  Tour of California live webcast on is scheduled to begin at 4:30pm U.S. Eastern (22:30 CET).  Live coverage on Eurosport will happen if the coin turns up heads and time permitting pending the completion of the grasshopper world's tiddly winks competition, otherwise there will be no live coverage.

- Welcome to our live coverage guide for the 2009 Tour of California.

2009 Tour of California
February 14-22
(Tour de Californie)
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 Stage 3 starts at 12:00pm PST
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