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2009 Tour of Flanders:  Riders climbing the "Muur" this afternoon.
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- Watch the final 2km on Sporza here. (04:44)

- Watch Sporza Tour of Flanders highlights of the climbs:

Oude Kwaremont

- Coming up a bit later:  Tour of Flanders photos and video clips.

- Flanders LIVE on (link at right).  Geo-restricted to France.

- Flanders LIVE now.  Three of us in three countries now looking for more.

- Tour of Flanders LIVE now on RTBF.  (Link at right.  Works for us in France but only on an older computer with older Flash player.)

- Sporza geo-restricted today, probably RTBF too, not a surprise.  Eurosport TV coverage doesn't begin until 14:00 CET (8am U.S. Eastern).  France 4 on TV starts at 14:30 CET (8:30am U.S. Eastern) and their live stream is listed as starting just before then.  Geo-restrictions unknown at this time.  Nothing playing yet in France, on TV or otherwise.  We're monitoring a number of alternatives.

- Tour of Flanders LIVE on

- We are monitoring a number of possible alternative live video feeds and will list them as race coverage begins.

- We're listing expected live feed start times directly below the links at right.  We've also started adding more tickers, some of which are now live with the race.

- And they're off!  That webcam kind of reminded you of the early days of the web, didn't it?

- Brugge webcam LIVE now here.  The riders are lining up at the start.  -Bernie S.

- A couple of you e-mailed overnight asking if we were sure about the CTV start time we posted yesterday, that perhaps our time was one hour early.  I suspect you are right.  Didn't notice the usual "+1" was missing on the CTV site.  Better an hour early than an hour late, but sorry for the mixup.  So CTV should get underway at 12:40 CET (6:40am U.S. Eastern)  Thanks for the correction.  -Pete

- We recommend you open our Twitter feed in a separate window now.  If ever we have a server outage, we will update on Twitter and direct you to a live coverage page on another server.

- If you are able to watch the Tour of Flanders via satellite, MJ Ray has you covered in our cycling via satellite blog here.

- Welcome to our live coverage guide for the 2009 Tour of Flanders.

2009 Tour of Flanders LIVE
Belgium, April 5
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 Race starts at 9:45 CET and is expected to finish between 16:04 CET (4:04pm CET) and 16:41 CET (4:41pm CET).


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(13:25 CET (7:25am U.S. Eastern))


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