Vuelta a Castilla y León LIVE - Stage 1


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- Tuesday's Vuelta a Castilla y Leon Stage 2 Individual Time Trial in Palencia is scheduled to begin at 13:39 CET (8:39am U.S. Eastern) when the first rider departs. Live video streaming should get underway sometime from 15:30 CET (10:30am U.S. Eastern).

- Comments:  Lance Armstrong comments on his crash. (Astana team site)

- Photos:  Armstrong leaves hospital.

- Video:  Armstrong abandons after crash. (01:45) (

Tomorrow on Stage 2: 28.2km Individual Time Trial

- Re: Lance Armstrong crash: Johan Bruyneel reports:  "Clean collarbone fracture without complications. Should be fast recovery."

- Race LIVE now:  link under Live video streaming at right

- Note:  Time on feed we posted is marked GMT+1.  So perhaps they mean 16:30 CET (11:30am U.S. Eastern) instead of 15:30 CET?  But that wouldn't make sense because the stage is scheduled to finish around then...

- Update:  We have posted a link for a live video feed (look under "Live video streaming" in gray section at right).  As far as we know it has not yet begun (not playing in France or the U.S. at the moment, not in the UK we don't believe either)  If it is not geo-restricted to Spain, we hope it will start soon.  We are also monitoring a couple of other possibilities.

- Rock Racing are tweeting about today's breakaway, which includes Francisco Mancebo.

- Vuelta a Castilla y Leon photos:  Photos from today's stage start are already starting to come in.  (click on the Yahoo! Sports button at bottom of gray section at right)

- Re: Vuelta a Castilla y Leon live video: We are expecting it to be available today from 15:30 CET (10:30am U.S. Eastern).  Stay tuned.

- Ticker updates are finally coming in.  A first has 9 minutes on the peloton!

- Race update:  Stage 1 is underway. Lance photographer Liz Kreutz is looking for a good spot along the route and listening to Shania Twain.  That's all we know at the moment.

- There is a page on with Vuelta a Castilla y León photos, articles, video clips, live ticker and graphics all integrated.  (Babelfish-translated to English)

- Trying the Babelfish translation today for the Vuelta a Castilla y Leon live ticker.  (Google seems to be acting up today.)  The ticker is currently highlighting three big names, all Tour de France champions:  Armstrong, the Accountant, and the Tailor.  Should be a great week of racing with some fun ticker translations too.  I started calling Contador "The Accountant" three years ago thanks to one of the auto-translated tickers.  The nickname seems to have stuck.

- We recommend you open our Twitter feed in a separate window now.  If ever we have a server outage, we will update on Twitter and direct you to a live coverage page on another server.

- Welcome to our live coverage guide for the 2009 Vuelta a Castilla y León.

2009 Vuelta a Castilla y León LIVE
Spain, March 23-27
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 Stage 1 starts at 12:18 CET and is expected to finish at around 16:30 CET (4:30pm CET)

Paredes De Nava


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