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Time Trial Start Order and Times (.pdf)


- Watch video of today's Stage 6 Time Trial On Demand here. (U.S., 1 hour and 58 minutes, raw video w/o commentary).  Also: Stage 6 photos, results and storyFinal overall standings

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Broadcast playback:

Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3
Stage 4 - Stage 5 - Stage 6

Video highlights:

Stage 1: Sanchez wins opener (01:46)
Stage 2: Trofimov goes the distance (01:42)
Stage 3: Contador wins
Stage 4: Albasini takes the win (01:51)
Stage 5 (01:51)
Stage 6: Contador's winning time trial (01:47)
Evans slips back (00:48)
Samuel Sanchez takes third (00:50)
L.L. Sanchez finishes fifth (00:35)
Vande Velde places seventh (00:32)


Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3
Stage 4 - Stage 5 - Stage 6


Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3
Stage 4 - Stage 5 - Stage 6


Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3
Stage 4 - Stage 5 - Stage 6


Armstrong fears he will be barred from Tour
Armstrong plans return at Tour of Italy


- TT also LIVE now on

- TT LIVE now on ETB Sat. (links at right)

- "Armstrong fears he will be barred from Tour" - Story here.

- ETB Sat obviously running behind schedule.  Live video on is scheduled to begin in a few minutes.

- Selected start times:

- First rider: Lefevre:  15:30 CET (9:30am U.S. Eastern)
  Freire:  15:54 CET (9:54am U.S. Eastern)
  Zubeldia:  15:59 CET (9:59am U.S. Eastern)
  Vande Velde:  16:03 CET (10:03am U.S. Eastern)
  Brajkovic:  16:11 CET (10:11am U.S. Eastern)
  Schleck A.:  16:17 CET (10:17am U.S. Eastern)
  Lovkvist:  16:26 CET (10:26am U.S. Eastern)
  Sastre:  16:30 CET (10:30am U.S. Eastern)
  Rogers:  16:43 CET (10:43am U.S. Eastern)

Final 10 riders:
  Casar:  16:47 CET (10:47am U.S. Eastern)
  Nibali:  16:49 CET (10:49am U.S. Eastern)
  Kreuziger:  16:51 CET (10:51am U.S. Eastern)
  Sanchez L.L.:  16:53 CET (10:53am U.S. Eastern)
  Gesink:  16:55 CET (10:55am U.S. Eastern)
  Cunego:  16:57 CET (10:57am U.S. Eastern)
  Colom:  16:59 CET (10:59am U.S. Eastern)
  Evans:  17:01 CET (11:01am U.S. Eastern)
  Sanchez S.:  17:03 CET (11:03am U.S. Eastern)
  Contador:  17:05 CET (11:05am U.S. Eastern)

- Only 86 riders remain in the race, so the organizers moved back the start time.  Riders will depart at one-minute intervals, with the final 10 riders departing at two-minute intervals.

- Note that the organizers have changed the start time today:  The first rider, Laurent Lefevre, will depart at 15:30 CET (9:30am U.S. Eastern), not at 14:00 CET as originally scheduled.

- Start order and start times for today's final stage TT here. (.pdf)

- Today's Stage 6 Individual Time Trial begins at 15:30 CET (9:30am U.S. Eastern) when the first rider departs.  Tour of the Basque Country live video streaming on is scheduled to begin at 10:15am U.S. Eastern.  Live coverage on ETB Sat is scheduled to begin at 15:50 CET (9:50am U.S. Eastern).

- We recommend you open our Twitter feed in a separate window now.  If ever we have a server outage, we will update on Twitter and direct you to a live coverage page on another server.

- Welcome to our live coverage guide for the 2009 Tour of the Basque Country.  (Also known as Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco (Spanish) or Tour du Pays Basque (French)).

2009 Tour of the Basque Country LIVE
Spain, April 6-11
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 Stage 6 start:  15:30 CET
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