Cycling Wars: McQuaid takes control

Cycling Wars: McQuaid takes control
by Pete Geyer,


Anne Gripper (UCI anti-doping manager), left, Hein Verbruggen (former UCI president), rear,
and Pat McQuaid (UCI president), right.

Greg LeMond (3-time Tour champion), front, Patrice Clerc (ASO president), rear, and
Christian Prudhomme (Director, Tour de France), right.

Darth ASO cuts off Pat McQuaid's left arm.

Darth ASO cuts McQuaid and the UCI ProTour to pieces.  ProTour creator Verbruggen leaves the UCI to McQuaid.

NEXT EPISODE:  Lance Armstrong returns and with the imminent departure of ASO president Patrice "Darth Vader" Clerc and talk of a new UCI/ASO agreement, is peace finally at hand?  Greg LeMond and former World Anti-Doping Agency head Dick Pound come out guns a blazin'...