Tour Down Under LIVE coverage - Stage 6


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- Click to watch 2009 Tour Down Under videos.

- Later on today (Sunday) there will be live internet video of the UCI World Cup cyclo-cross event in Milan.  We'll post info and links before race time.

- According to SBS, their TDU Stage 6 video highlights may be posted with a bit of a delay compared to usual given that they provided live coverage.

- 4 laps to go according to ABC Radio Adelaide which is alternating between covering Australian Open tennis and the Tour Down Under.

- live coverage is underway according to the site.  (Cannot verify because for this race it is geo-blocked to France, among several other countries.)

- TDU Stage 6 is underway.  For U.S. viewers, it is streaming live on coverage, for some markets, not supposed to begin until 05:00 CET.  We are looking for alternatives.

- Tour Down Under LIVE streaming video of Stage 6 will be available on starting at 05:00 CET in some markets ( TdU schedule and geo-restrictions here).  For U.S. viewers, the race will be shown live on starting today at 10pm Eastern.  If we find any alternatives at race time, we will list them.

- There will be Tour Down Under LIVE streaming video coverage for Stage 6.  Details to follow.

Stage 6 Profile - click graphic for details

- The Tour Down Under Stage 6 is the Adelaide City Council Circuit and begins at 1:35pm local time Sunday.  (04:05 CET Sunday, 10:05pm U.S. Eastern SATURDAY).  The total distance is 90km (56 miles), based on 20 laps of a 4.5km circuit.  (The official site notes that the distance could possibly be modified depending on demands of the live television coverage available for this stage, but we have heard nothing about any changes).


- We will post and update new guides with the latest info and links each day of the race.

- Tour Down Under live race coverage will be limited to live internet radio and text tickers until Stage 6 when live streaming video will also become available.  Video highlights will, however, be available each day.

- Welcome to our live coverage guide for Stage 6 of the 2009 Tour Down Under.

2009 Tour Down Under
Adelaide, Australia, January 18-25
Official Website
Start List
World TV Coverage

Stage 6 Starts at 1:35pm local time
(Finish at approx. 3:25pm)


Click for current time in Adelaide


Live video streaming:

(LIVE coverage for some markets) TdU schedule and geo-restrictions

(10pm U.S. Eastern)

(more video links to come if available)


Live audio streaming:

  ABC Radio Adelaide

Alternative ABC Radio
(should open in media player)

Triple M Radio
(Race sponsor will have race updates
and live reports from the finish line.)

Live tickers:

TDU on Twitter

Johan Bruyneel tweets
from the team car

Official site ticker

News and photos:

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Yahoo photo gallery (AP/AFP)

Graham Watson
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