2014 UCI BMX World Championships Videos


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- BMX Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2014 UCI BMX World Championships Videos
BMX Race  
 Domenica Azuero Gonzalez after winning the Junior Women's Final (English, 0:41) ucichannel
 Junior Women's Final (English, 02:55) ucichannel
 Strombergs out at Semi Final Stage (English, 02:20) ucichannel
 1/8 and Quarter Final Highlights (English, 0:57) ucichannel
 Defending Champ Liam Phillips Crashes out in the 1/8 Finals (English, 02:14) ucichannel
- More to come -  
BMX Time Trial  
 Time Trial Highlights - Men Elite (English, 01:01)  ucichannel
 Time Trial Highlights - Women Elite (English, 01:00)  ucichannel
 Time Trial Highlights - Juniors (English, 01:01) ucichannel
 Laura Smulders wins gold medal in Women's Time Trials! (Dutch, 02:04) BMXHolland
 Niek Kimmann wins gold at the Junior Elite Time Trials! (Dutch, 01:25) BMXHolland
 Liam Phillips is ready as BMX history beckons (English, 02:09) British Cycling
 Great Britain's Kyle Evans on world championship preparations (English, 01:13) British Cycling
 Seth Alldredge Represents Team USA (English, 02:11) kcwy13
 Timelaps building of the BMX Worlds track  (03:53) BMXHolland
 UCI BMX World Championships - Teaser (English, 0:26) ucichannel


2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Videos - Berlin
 On Demand Replay of BMX Supercross World Cup at Berlin (01:21:43) bmxlivetv
 GoPro Mariana Pajon (03:33) bmxlivetv
 GoPro Felicia Stancil (02:59) bmxlivetv
 GoPro Brooke Crain (02:03) bmxlivetv
 GoPro Carlos Yepes (03:09) bmxlivetv
 GoPro Anthony Dean (01:41) bmxlivetv
 On Demand Replay of Qualifications & Time Trials at Berlin (04:24:39) bmxlivetv
 Supercross Mens Finals Berlin (English, 03:50) bmxlivetv
 Supercross Womens Finals Berlin (English, 03:20) bmxlivetv
 Supercross Mens Semi Finals Berlin (English, 03:46) bmxlivetv
 Supercross Womens Semi Finals Berlin (English, 03:15) bmxlivetv
 Men's Time Trials race and winner interview (English, 02:48) bmxlivetv
 Women's Time Trials race and winner interview (English, 02:24) bmxlivetv
 Liam Phillips out to keep UCI BMX Supercross lead (English, 01:56) British Cycling
 Kyle Evans to take Papendal lessons to Berlin (English, 01:58) British Cycling
 GoPro Track preview (English, 01:29) bmxlivetv
 Berlin Track Animation (English/Music, 0:37) bmxlivetv