Help wanted: Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference Volunteer Director

Collegiate Cycling Volunteer Conference Director

USA Cycling Liaison: Daniel Matheny, Collegiate Cycling Manager

Volunteer Position/s available:

Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference-ACCC (NC, MD, VA, WV, Washington

(Must be geographically located in the respective region)

Volunteer roles:

This is an unpaid, volunteer position/s, assigned by location with an
operating budget provided by USA Cycling for administering Collegiate
Cycling to collegiate members, promoters, and collegiate clubs within
the respective collegiate conference. Volunteer/s must possess high
levels of customer service, managerial skills, and motivation with the
desire to develop and/or pre-existing working knowledge of race
promotion, rules and rankings, and all disciplines of cycling. Depending
on applicant's skill-sets and time availability, multiple co-directors
may be appointed to best serve the collegiate members. Working as a team
player to promote the growth of collegiate clubs and individual
collegiate members is a must.


What the volunteer/s can expect:

o Affiliation with USA Cycling to promote the growth of the dynamic of
collegiate cycling through individual membership growth, member
retention, club stability, and new club development.

o Provided pre-determined budget to attend conference related races,
events, and schools to aid in collegiate support.

o Compensated annual USA Cycling membership.

o Provided USA Cycling business cards indicating your volunteer position
and affiliation.

o Invitation to USA Cycling's annual Leaders Summit.

o Provided conference medals and trophies for administering to
individual and team conference champions.

o Working closely with all other Volunteer Conference Directors and the
Collegiate Manager to maintain an open line of communication between
conferences via conference calls.

o Coordinating conference scoring, results, and rankings for each race,
event, and season.

o Contribution of conference news to be posted on USAC website,
conference website and/or distributed by e-newsletter or other media
coverage to market collegiate cycling.

o Ensuring a safe and fun racing environment at conference events.

o Proactively propose new programs that will further enhance promoter
and member satisfaction.

o Aiding in development of new leaders within the conference.

o Coordinating conference website and information list serve.

o Upholding USA Cycling and Collegiate Cycling rules, regulations, and
code of conduct.

o Liaison to escalate event, scheduling, membership or promoter issues
to the appropriate USA Cycling department.

o Budget management to ensure the provided budget is used in most
productive fashion within the conference.

o Assist members with licensing and education of member benefits.

o Assist Athletic Departments and/or Clubs and Recreation Departments at
colleges and universities with requirements of founding cycling clubs.

The Bottom Line:

This is a demanding, but rewarding volunteer position that requires time
during and away from normal business hours to serve as the Collegiate
Manager's liaison within each conference.

If interested please contact Daniel Matheny at 719.866.4664 or submit
resume and cover letter to