Breaking news: Astana team doctor spots "big rabbit" Down Under

Approximately 60km into Stage 4 of the Tour Down Under, Astana team manager Johan Bruyneel sent the following message via Twitter from the team car:  "Our team doctor who's in the car just said: look what a big rabbit!"  Bruyneel added "But it was a kangaroo.  We were too late to take a picture."

But the team doctor was right.  It was a big rabbit.  And not just any rabbit...

We contacted the Astana team doctor, who asked that we not use his name, for his version of events.  "It was definitely a rabbit.  A BIG rabbit.  And it spoke to me."  What did the "big rabbit" say to the doctor?  "He said 'What's up, Doc?'"

Well that was all we needed to hear.  Recalling that the Armstrong era was marked by a steady stream of Hollywood stars, including Looney Tunes characters, to the Tour de France, we looked into our photo archives and found the following...

Bugs Bunny lounges on top of the Discovery Channel team bus, 2005 Tour de France.
Copyright © Pete Geyer/

In an email interview, Bugs Bunny confirmed to us he is indeed Down Under following the Astana team and, of course, Lance Armstrong.  "I'm a big cycling fan," he said.  "I'm thrilled to see Lance making a comeback.  And after doing 'Space Jam' with Michael Jordan, I've been thinking that maybe Lance and I could do a movie together about the Tour.  You know, I'm in the yellow jersey and he's riding for me, that kind of thing."  Does Bugs do much riding?  "Just about every day, though since arriving in Australia all the female kangaroos are chasing me everywhere!"  What's he ride?  "A Trek Madone."  Of course.

Bugs Bunny and his Trek Madone.
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If we get word that a "Space Tour" or "Tour Jam" movie starring Lance and Bugs is in the works, we'll let you know!