2009 Mallorca Challenge LIVE streaming video - Stage 1


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- SuperPrestige Cyclo-cross now streaming live.  (info and links in post below this one)

- Reminder:  ib3.tv is scheduled to begin streaming today's stage (obviously delayed) at 15:15 CET (9:15am U.S. Eastern).  We'll see if technical problems were at the source or not.  Starting tomorrow through Thursday, both ib3.tv and Direct8 should provide live video from the race.

- More technical problems with Direct8 in Paris receiving live images from the race in Spain.  Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

- I have an old copy of Cycle Passion in which Carlos da Cruz describes his training routes in and out of the canals east of Paris. -Bernie S.

- For those of you interested in watching today's Cyclo-cross Superprestige live coverage, it should begin in under 15 minutes, at 14:30 CET (8:30am U.S. Eastern).  Info and links are in the post below this one.

- Live streaming video of the race is back on Direct8.  Nice aerial shots.

- Ticker now reports there is a 7-man breakaway after the 4th tour. 

- According to the live text ticker (link below right), the peloton is all together after the third (of 10) tour of the circuit.

- Direct8 say they are not getting the race feed at the moment but they expect to get it back shortly.

- Live streaming video has begun!  Mikis Cerieix is commentating, with former Fdjeux rider Carlos Da Cruz doing color commentary.

- Race feed should begin shortly.  Unlike in the U.S., French TV is NOT strict about time schedules.  They should get around to the race eventually, after the cats playing Wii tennis and the newly-married couple that got set on fire when wedding guests bombarded them with silly string that ignited when it hit the candles on the cake.  (they're okay but do not try this at home)

- Direct8 is showing cats playing tennis on the Nintendo Wii.

- Direct8 schedule indeed shows race coverage from 13:00 to roughly 14:25 CET which is the approximate stage finish time.  If we get live video today, it may start in just over 10 minutes.  Stay tuned.  -Pete

- The Direct8 TV schedule has changed.  It now shows race coverage starting at 13:00 CET (7am U.S. Eastern), following the animal show.  Perhaps we'll get the race afterall?  -Bernie S. (U.K.)

- The Direct8 (France) live video feed may be geo-restricted.  (Feed is currently labeled "geo-targeted streaming" in the U.S. and is showing an animal program instead of the race.)  -Pete (U.S.)

- Starting with Monday's Stage 2, live streaming video will begin each day at 15:10 CET (9:10am U.S. Eastern).

Stage 1 Profile

- Stage 1 from Palma to Palma features an 11.6km circuit to be ridden 10 times for a total of 116km.

- The Mallorca Challenge Stage 1 starts at 11:50 CET (5:50am U.S. Eastern) Sunday.  Direct8 (France) live coverage of Stage 1 is scheduled to begin at 12:30 CET (6:30am U.S. Eastern).  ib3.tv (Spain) coverage is delayed today and is not scheduled to begin until 15:15 CET (9:15am U.S. Eastern).

- Welcome to our live coverage guide for the 2009 Mallorca Challenge.

2009 Mallorca Challenge
Spain, February 8-12
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Stage 1 Starts at 11:50 CET
(Finish at approx. 14:25 CET)


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