2009 Mallorca Challenge LIVE streaming video - Stage 3

2009 Mallorca Challenge:
The peloton descends during Monday's Stage 2.
Photo courtesy Unisport

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- Stage 3 winner photo and Wednesday's Stage 4 info now posted on our Live race coverage page.

Coming up Wednesday on Stage 4 - Profile

- Brad emailed regarding my mention after Stage 2 of David Soul of Starsky and Hutch fame (the French love the series and Direct8 should be showing it later today): "I was hoping there'd be a musical link to David Soul's 'Don't Give Up On Us'".  I think he was joking, but guess what, "The Very Best of David Soul" was released last fall.  I didn't know he had any other songs.  I know you will all keep coming to cyclingfans.com for hot music tips.  -Pete

- Race LIVE now on Direct8.

- Vuelta a Mallorca Stage 3 live video on Direct8 should get underway after the commercials.

- More Mallorca Challenge Stage 2 photos here.

- Live streaming video begins each day at 15:10 CET (9:10am U.S. Eastern).

Stage 3 Profile

- The Mallorca Challenge Stage 3 starts at 11:20 CET (5:20am U.S. Eastern) Tuesday.  Direct8 (France) live coverage of Stage 3 is scheduled to begin at 15:10 CET (9:10am U.S. Eastern).  ib3.tv (Spain) live coverage should also begin at around that time.

- Welcome to our live coverage guide for the 2009 Mallorca Challenge.

2009 Mallorca Challenge
Spain, February 8-12
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Stage 3 Starts at 11:20 CET
(Finish at approx. 16:08 CET)


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