Re: and our relationship to CTV

As a follow-up to yesterday's post regarding soon switching over to a Silverlight player, here is more information:

It will be Silverlight version 2.0.  I am not a big Microsoft fan but I have heard good things about this, particularly during the Beijing Olympics last August.  The hope here is that for most people this will result in a better experience on  But as you no doubt know, any change, even for the better, ultimately, can introduce issues of its own for some users.  We will monitor this and look for your feedback.

CTV tell me they are in final testing right now.  If you are on their email list, you should receive notification and an explanation of the benefits as well as steps to take in order to start using the new player.

CTV also tell me: "We will want to launch during a window where there are at least two days respite from live racing."

We'll post more info here as we get it.

On another note:  A couple of you emailed regarding a comment I posted on Wednesday: "Note: is a affiliate partner"

To clarify: is NOT owned by  They have an affiliate program by which websites that bring them customers earn a commission and I joined that program a couple of years ago. is paid for out of my own pocket....and with the hard work and sweat of a few people, notably U.K. correspondent Bernie S. and me.

So nothing has changed with regard to our editorial position, live race coverage, listings, etc.

Milan-San Remo live coverage info coming later today...

- Pete