Tour de Cycling - Thursday

- Had a good chat with the Jelajah Malaysia media officer during yesterday's Fleche Wallonne.  They're doing some really impressive work, great communication and website.  It seems the newer races, and that includes the Tour of California, are leading the way in embracing technology and new forms of communication.  Good to see.  TDF organizer A.S.O. use string and paper cups...they need to get with it.  Pics below are from today's Jelajah Malaysia Stage 5.  More pics on their website, links below.  -Pete

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The peloton rides along the beach during today's Stage 5.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The peloton at Kuala Dungun Bridge.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  Anuar Manan (Azad University) wins his second consecutive stage.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia
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- Exciting stage of the Giro del Trentino.  It's a crime there isn't any live video.

- More Tour de Cycling - Thursday to come.

Giro del Trentino, April 22-25

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