Tour de Cycling - Thursday

- Volta a Portugal LIVE now on RTP.  Links below photos.

- Next update as live television coverage gets underway for Stage 7 of the Volta a PortugalLinks to LIVE internet video feeds and ticker are below photos.

- Volta a Portugal Stage 7 begins at 13:05 local (8:05am U.S. Eastern).  LIVE video coverage should begin at around 15:57 local (10:57am U.S. Eastern).

2009 Volta a Portugal:  Eladio Jimenez on the podium after his Stage 6 win.
photo courtesy Volta a Portugal
More Stage 6 photos here

Tour de France cycling figures are among the items sought after by collectors in France.
Collection Charles Guénard, Paris

2000 Tour de France Lance Armstrong cycling figure.
Collection Charles Guénard, Paris
Lance Armstrong photo insert:  Copyright © 2000 Pete Geyer/


2009 Volta a Portugal LIVE
August 5-16
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 Stage 7 start: 13:05pm local
(1:05pm local)
Finish: 17:11 to 17:22 local
(5:11pm to 5:22pm local)

Live video:  15:57 local
(3:57pm local)
(10:57am U.S. Eastern)



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