2010 Tour of California Videos

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2010 Tour of California Videos
Stage 8  
 Tour of California.. Final Day (02:55) CNN iReport
 Tour of California Stage 8 Recap Pt. 1 (02:26) TeamRadioShack
 Tour of California Stage 8 Recap Pt. 2 (06:07) TeamRadioShack
 Start of Tour of California Stage 8 (0:55) theTourofUtah
Stage 7  
 Tour of California Stage Seven Interview with Chris Horner (0:50) TeamRadioShack
 Team THC-Columbia reports from Stage 7 (02:04) teamhighroadsports
 Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen ride in car behind Fabian Cancellara (0:41) oddiseey
 Fat Cyclist visits Team RadioShack at the Tour of California (03:17) TeamRadioShack
 Stage 7 highlights (03:33) TeamRadioShack
Stage 6  
 Post-stage 6, Johan Bruyneel talks about stage 6 and 7 (01:59) TeamRadioShack
 Stage 6 highlights (03:19) TeamRadioShack
 Team THC-Columbia pre-stage interviews (01:22) teamhighroadsports
 Team RaboBankpre-stage interviews (02:12) RaboSportTV
 Davide Frattini of Team Type 1 talks about stage 6 (01:22) CarolinaCyclingNews
Stage 5  
 Lance Armstrong responds to Landis (Part 1) (08:23) ccyclist
 Lance Armstrong responds to Landis (Part 2) (02:34) ccyclist
 Armstrong says he has nothing to hide (0:34) ESPN
Stage 4  
 Lance talks about the "I Ride for" Campaign before Stage 4 (01:45) Livestrong
Stage 3  
 Planet Armstrong Stage 3 (Part 1 of 2) (English, 02:27) (geo-restricted) Eurosport
 Planet Armstrong Stage 3 (Part 2 of 2) (English, 02:35) (geo-restricted) Eurosport
 Zabriskie takes California lead (0:30) (geo-restricted) Eurosport
 Santa Cruz Loves Team Rabobank (02:20) RideGiantBicycles
 Team Radio Shack Prepares for Stage 3 (01:26) mellowjohnnys
Stage 2  
 Planet Armstrong (Part 1 of 2) (02:03) (geo-restricted) Eurosport
 Planet Armstrong (Part 2 of 2) (02:31) (geo-restricted) Eurosport
 Stage two Recap with Levi Leipheimer (01:04) TeamRadioShack
 Stage two Recap with Chris Horner (01:17) TeamRadioShack
 Bob Roll talks to Mellow Johnny's at ToC (01:35) mellowjohnnys
Stage 1  
 Cavendish wins California opener (0:29) (geo-restricted) Eurosport
 Team Radio Shack Hospitality Tent (01:37) mellowjohnnys
 Start of AMGEN bike race in Nevada City (02:00) YouTube / home video
 Amgen Stage 1 Route Aerial View (01:01) UnionGrassValley
Pre-Race Videos  
 A quick look at Levi Leipheimer's Amgen ToC Bike (01:02) mellowjohnnys
 Closer look at Armstrong's Trek Madone Unity bike (0:49) mellowjohnnys
 Preview Stage 1, also highlights of a local cycling issue (03:11) TeamRadioShack
 Behind the scenes look at Nevada City preparing for Stage 1 (01:54) YouTube / home video
 Good Luck Messages from around the globe for Levi Leipheimer (06:47) roadid
 Columbia HTC ToC Training Camp (03:15) firstendurance
 Zwizanski vs. Cancellara: 2010 ToC Team Presentation (04:24) KellyProCycling
 Team RaboBank: California here we come (02:37) Rabo Sport
 2010 Amgen Tour of California - Pre-race Press Conference (09:29) ccyclist
 2010 Amgen ToC -Lance Armstrong Pre-race Interview (07:44) ccyclist
 Lance Armstrong at the Tour of California press conference (01:35) TeamRadioShack
 Levi Leipheimer at the Tour of California press conference (01:00) TeamRadioShack
 BMC Racing Team: AToC Presentation (05:51) BMCProTeam
 Rabobank Pre-Race AmgenTour Of California (02:52) RideGiantBicycles