2015 Tour of California Videos


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- 2015 Tour of California videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.  NOTE:  If you believe you may not be seeing the latest content on this page, try clearing your browser's cache (or try a different browser).
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2015 Tour of California Videos - May 10 - 17
 Route and Women's Race Announcement Trailer 2015 (Music, 0:34) amgentoc
- More to come -  


2014 Tour of California videos Source
 Final Recap - Bissell Development Team (01:57) Bissell Development Team
 Tour of California - Team Belkin Round up! (03:26) Belkin NL
Men's Stage 8  
 Cameras In The Peloton (English, 04:40) Global Cycling Network
 Cameras inside the peloton for the last 3km of the stage (03:26) SHIMANORaceTV
 Garmin Sharp Overall Team Celebration (English, 02:52) Garmin Sharp
 Cervelo: Beyond The Forum Ride Group (English, 02:52) Garmin Sharp
 Frankie and Joe recap the race (English, 03:46) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt (Trek) curses his luck after the final stage (English, 02:23) cyclingnewstv
 Jens Voigt's Last Tour of California (English, 0:46) Bicycling
 ATOC Diaries: John Degenkolb Says Stage Was Like a Classic (English, 02:16) Bicycling
 Joe Dombrowski Works for Wiggins (English, 01:28) Bicycling
 Ride with The Jensie! Shimano Sport Camera Highlights (English, 01:01) SHIMANORaceTV
 Laurens ten Dam (Belkin) reflects on the 2014 race (English, 01:27) cyclingnewstv
 Wiggins claims first title of the year in California (English, 01:44) SNTV
 Ask The Pros - Shave Or Wax? (English, 01:29) Global Cycling Network
 How To Race In The Heat (English, 02:58) Global Cycling Network
 Official highlights (English, 04:44) AmgenTourofCali
 Bradley Wiggins explains his preparation and what's next (English, 01:55) Bicycling
 Podium and interview with stage winner (English, 03:39) NBC Sports
 Podium and interview with overal winner (English, 03:52) NBC Sports
 Final kilometer (English, 02:27) NBC Sports
 Tom Boonen's Colour Changing Specialized Venge (English, 01:50) Global Cycling Network
 Frankie and Joe recap stage 7 and preview stage 8 (English, 05:32) Bicycling
Men's Stage 7  
 Official highlights (English, 04:18) AmgenTourofCali
 Stage Winner Peter Sagan (English, 01:10) Bicycling
 ATOC Diaries: Danny van Poppel on the Stage 7 Sprint (English, 01:07) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt Loves Geocaching (English, 0:52) Bicycling
 Meet Young Rider Joshua Edmondson (English, 01:32) Bicycling
 What's Next for Roubaix Winner Niki Terpstra? (English, 01:00) Bicycling
 Ben King After the Stage (English, 0:31) Garmin Sharp
 Wiggins one stage from Tour of California victory (English, 0:49) Eurosport
 Ehh...there's still one lap to go mate (English, 01:06) Eurosport
 Bradley Wiggins nears California victory (English, 01:07) SNTV
 SRAM Neutral Race Support (English, 01:00) SRAM Road Diaries
 Interview with stage winner (English, 01:41) NBC Sports
 Ben King interview (English, 01:31) NBC Sports
 Highlights (English, 04:55) NBC Sports
 Final kilometer (English, 02:31) NBC Sports
 Racer thinks he wins stage but one lap remains (English, 0:36) NBC Sports
 Frankie and Joe recap stage 6 and preview stage 7 (English, 05:27) Bicycling
Men's Stage 6  
 Official highlights (English, 04:25) AmgenTourofCali
 Behind the scenes with Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen (English, 06:46) AmgenTourofCali
 Frankie Andreu Interview (English, 02:43) AmgenTourofCali
 Stage 6 Winner Esteban Chaves (English, 01:12) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt on the Best Attackers (English, 01:01) Bicycling
 BMC's Hushovd Checks His Form in California (English, 0:43) Bicycling
 Garmin's Stage 6 Strategy (English, 01:59) Bicycling
 ATOC Diaries: Carter Jones's Stage 6 (English, 01:28) Bicycling
 Brief highlights (English, 0:39) Eurosport
 Stage finish: Chaves claims stage six in California (English, 01:52) Eurosport
 Highlights (English, 01:37) NBC Sports
 Final kilometers (English, 03:56) NBC Sports
 Jens Voigt's Favorite Beer (English, 0:32) Bicycling
 Ask The Pros - What Do You Wish You'd Known? (English, 01:38) Global Cycling Network
 Frankie and Joe recap stage 5 and preview stage 6 (English, 04:30) Bicycling
Men's Stage 5  
 Brief highlights: Phinney solos to win in California (English, 0:39) Eurosport
 Taylor Phinney wins stage five in California (English, 01:13) SNTV
 Official highlights (English, 04:37) AmgenTourofCali
 BMC's Taylor Phinney explains his stage-winning move (English, 01:27) Bicycling
 ATOC Diaries: Jens Voigt on Stage 5 (English, 02:39) Bicycling
 Is Peter Sagan Disappointed? (English, 01:29) Bicycling
 Interview with stage winner  (English, 05:29) NBC Sports
 Final kilometers (English, 02:05) NBC Sports
 Jens Voigt, Fisherman (English, 01:27) Bicycling
 The Pro Peloton's Young Riders (English, 04:25) Bicycling
 Inside the Tour of California's Mobile PA Station (English, 04:09) Bicycling
 Frankie and Joe recap stage 4 and preview stage 5 (English, 04:38) Bicycling
Men's Stage 4  
 Jens Voigt's Three Secrets to Success (English, 01:31) Bicycling
 Bradley Wiggins Takes a Break (English, 01:01) Bicycling
 ATOC Diaries: Tom Boonen's Stage 4 (English, 01:54) Bicycling
 Brief highlights (English, 0:59) Eurosport
 Final kilometer (English, 01:28) Eurosport
 Stage Recap - Bissell Development Team (English, 02:12) Bissell Development Team
 UnitedHealthcare Team Bus Tour (English, 02:50) Global Cycling Network
 Glass Half Phil - Driving the Team Bus (English, 01:21) Cervélo
 Interview with the stage winner (English, 01:24) Bicycling
 Official highlights (English, 04:59) AmgenTourofCali
 Highlights (English, 04:50) SBS
 Stage finish (English, 01:14) NBC Sports
 Frankie and Joe recap stage 3 and preview stage 4 (English, 06:08) Bicycling
Women's Tour of California  
 Alison Tetrick's tricks for staying mentally tough (English, 0:41) Bicycling
 Meredith Miller who commentated on the two women's races (English, 01:30) podiuminsight
 The state of women's cycling (English, 01:43) AmgenTourofCali
 Powers. Walle, Wiles Talk about the Women's Time Trial (English, 05:25) podiuminsight
 Interview with Women's TT Winner Alison Powers (English, 01:46) Bicycling
 Alison Tetrick on Podium Boys (English, 0:39) Bicycling
 Women's Crit Winner interview (English, 01:42) Bicycling
 The Women's peloton talks ATOC Women's Crit (English, 09:41) podiuminsight
 Team TIBCO To The Top DS Linda Jackson after the Crit Race (English, 02:01) pedalvideo
 Catherine Desserault (Team Canada) after the Crit Race (English, 02:03) pedalvideo
 Anika Todd (TIBCO To The Top) after the Crit Race (English, 02:02) pedalvideo
 Annie Foreman Mackey (Team Canada) after the Crit Race (English, 01:30) pedalvideo
 Mary Ellen Ash (Metromint Cycling) after the Crit Race (English, 01:52) pedalvideo
 Jasmin Glaesser (TIBCO To The Top) after the Crit Race (English, 03:07) pedalvideo
 Emily Flynn (JETCycling) after the Women's Crit Race (English, 0:55) pedalvideo
 Julie Bellerose (Metromint Cycling) during the Crit Race (English, 01:57) pedalvideo
 Arianne Bonhomme (Team Canada) during the Crit Race (English, 01:09) pedalvideo
 Laura Brown (Colavita) before the Women's Crit Race (English, 0:23) pedalvideo
Men's Stage 3  
 Interview with Stage Winner Rohan Dennis (English, 01:57) Bicycling
 Peter Stetina (BMC) explains his Climbing Strategy (English, 01:33) Bicycling
 ATOC Diaries: Luis Davila's Stage 3 Attack (English, 01:51) Bicycling
 Skratch Labs Neutral Human Support (English, 02:31) Bicycling
 Official highlights (English, 04:45) AmgenTourofCali
 Rohan Dennis wins the stage (English, 01:33) NBC Sports
 Brief highlights (English, 0:39) Eurosport
 Rohan Dennis of Australia wins stage three (English, 01:14) SNTV
 Jens Voigt Tells a Joke (English, 0:51) Bicycling
 Meet Young Rider Tao Geoghegan Hart (English, 02:46) Bicycling
 Bradley Wiggins on the ATOC's Yellow Jersey (English, 01:33) Bicycling
 Peloton hits 1st Mt. Hamilton hairpin east of SanJose (0:40) Mercurynews
 Mount Diablo junction where Amgen fans gathered (English, 0:44) Mercurynews
 Nathan Brown (Garmin-Sharp) signs autographs at the start (English, 0:36) Mercurynews
 Stage Start (English, 02:32) Icarus Cycling
 Frankie and Joe recap stage 2 and preview stage 3 (English, 03:45) Bicycling
Men's Stage 2  
 Peter Stetina talks about being BMC team leader at ToC (English, 01:43) cyclingnewstv
 Tom Boonen gets back up to speed at the ToC (English, 01:06) cyclingnewstv
 Peter Sagan (Cannondale) at the ToC (English, 01:33) cyclingnewstv
 Interview with Team Novo Nordisk (English, 05:12) AmgenTourofCali
 Taylor Phinney: "Wiggins Is in Another Category" (English, 01:56) Bicycling
 A Day in the Life of Jens Voigt (English, 02:01) Bicycling
 ATOC Diaries: Tom Zirbel on the stage (English, 01:11) Bicycling
 Wiggins soars into California lead (English, 0:29) Eurosport
 Bradley Wiggins leads Tour of California (English, 01:10) SNTV
 What Is The Tour Of California? (English, 03:54) Global Cycling Network
 Official highlights (English, 07:42) AmgenTourofCali
 Highlights and podium (English, 01:16) NBC Sports
 Two cyclists crash after finish line (English, 0:47) NBC Sports
 Frankie and Joe recap stage 1 and preview the stage 2 TT (English, 04:40) Bicycling
Men's Stage 1  
 Amazing footage of John Degenkolb's sprint (English, 01:15) SHIMANORaceTV
 ATOC Diaries: Kiel Reijnen on the stage (English, 01:58) Bicycling
 Bradley Wiggins: "We Didn't Really Have a Plan" (English, 01:06) Bicycling
 Brief highlights (English, 0:30) Eurosport
 Team Belkin stage highlights (Music, 02:38) Belkin NL
 Team Belkin Bike Cams (01:13) Belkin ProCyclingTeam
 Interview with stage winner (English, 01:59) Bicycling
 Interview with the second place finisher (English, 01:13) Bicycling
 Tom Boonen (OPQS) post race (English, 01:28) VeloNews
 Official highlights (English, 05:38) AmgenTourofCali
 Podium and interview with the stage winner (English, 02:37) NBC Sports
 The closest finish in TOC history (English, 01:16) NBC Sports
 Starting line race begins (English, 0:58) The Sacramento Bee
 Rolling With The Tour On Mother's Day (English, 0:47) AmgenTourofCali
 Riders face windy conditions (English, 04:17) NBC KCRA News
 BMC's Peter Stetina on having team leadership at the ToC (English, 01:21) VeloNews
 Water bottle shenanigans with Lawson Craddock & Daan Olivier (English, 0:34) VeloNews
 Carmen Small (Specialized-lululemon) on the women's races (English, 0:36) VeloNews
 Interview with Robin Farina of the Women's Cycling Association (English, 02:30) AmgenTourofCali
 Fred Rodriguez Interview (English, 01:52) AmgenTourofCali
 Team Sky Hospital Visit (English, 03:43) AmgenTourofCali
 Team Sky visit Fox Studios (English, 01:47) Team Sky
 Jens Voigt's "Ugly" Riding Style (English, 0:41) Bicycling
 Matt Goss Looks for Victory in Stage 1 (English, 01:37) Bicycling
 Nicolai Brochner Goes Big at the race (English, 02:21) Bicycling
 BMC Racing's Taylor Phinney, on TT and team objectives (English, 01:56) Bicycling
 Taylor Phinney Looks to Tour of California TT (English, 05:21) Bicycling
 Laurens ten Dam Is Ready to Lead Belkin (English, 03:35) Bicycling
 The Belkin Van at the ToC: The day before (English, 01:56) Belkin NL
 The Belkin Van at the ToC: Meet the Team (English, 01:55) Belkin NL
 Women Taking Bigger Role In 2014 Amgen Tour Of California (English, 03:33) CBS Local
 Amgen Tour of California women's event (English, 03:17) NBC KCRA News
 Gearing up for Amgen Tour of California (English, 03:33) NBC KCRA News
 Joe Lindsey and Frankie Andreu preview the race (English, 05:24) Bicycling
 Mark Cavendish Seeks Stage Wins (English, 01:16) Bicycling
 John Degenkolb Looks to Tour of California (English, 01:27) Bicycling
 A Special Week for Lawson Craddock (English, 01:08) Bicycling
 Women's Race: Alison Powers Aims High (English, 01:39) Bicycling
 Race Promo (English, 0:30) AmgenTourofCali
 California Dream Big - Freddie Rodriguez (English, 01:00) AmgenTourofCali
 Top 10 Riders To Watch At The Tour Of California (English, 05:12) Global Cycling Network
 Tour of California Press Conference (English, 52:41) AmgenTourofCali 
 Tour of California The Route (English, 09:11)  AmgenTourofCali


2013 Tour of California videos
 Women's ATOC Time Trial -- Powered by SRAM (03:10) SRAM Road Diaries
 Cannondale's boys in Black and White (Music video, 03:34) cannondaleprocycling
Stage 8  
 Overall Finish in Santa Rosa (03:23) DowntownSR
 The Man That Feeds the Peloton (02:43) Bicycling
 Recap - Bontrager Cycling Team (03:17) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Highlights (04:49) universalsports
 Tejay Van Garderen wins Tour of California (01:01) SNTV
 ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - final two stages (08:20) ORICA-GreenEDGE
 Complete post-stage press conference (45:36) AmgenTourofCali
 Jens Voigt's Tour of California (03:12) Bicycling
 Ted King Looks to the Tour de france (01:28) Bicycling
 Timmy Duggan on his Return to Racing (01:42) Bicycling
 Cookie Monster Tayler Wiles (04:06) Bicycling
 Alison Tetrick on Women's Racing (02:28) Bicycling
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey wrap up the stage & this year's race (04:59) Bicycling
 Official Highlights (06:43) AmgenTourofCali
 Stage finish (03:03) NBC Sports
 Post-race interview with Tejay van Garderen (02:06) NBC Sports
Stage 7  
 Team NetApp-Endura at the Amgen Tour of California - Part 2 (03:53) NetAppEndura
 Post-stage press conference (13:43) AmgenTourofCali
 Recap - Bontrager Cycling Team (1:43) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Konig takes the stage, van Garderen retains overall lead (02:37) NBC Sports
 Chad Beyer on his Stage 7 Attacks (01:13) Bicycling
 Andy Schleck's Stage 7 Breakaway (01:29) Bicycling
 Chad Haga's Climb Up Diablo (01:10) Bicycling
 California's Best Young Rider Lawson Craddock (01:57) Bicycling
 Tejay van Garderen on Stage 7 (01:52) Bicycling
 Catching Up With Katie Compton (03:35) Bicycling
 Bissell's Carter Jones KOM winner (0:59) Bicycling
 Official Highlights (06:31) AmgenTourofCali
Stage 6 Time Trial  
 Garmin's Rohan Dennis, Track Star Turned TT Specialist (0:59) Bicycling
 Post-stage press conference (18:25) AmgenTourofCali
 Highlights of Tejay Van Garderen (BMC) winning TT (02:56) universalsports
 Amber Neben crashes in Women's ToC Time Trial (0:33) universalsports
 Highlights of Michael Rogers (Saxo) Time Trial (02:14) universalsports
 Behind The Scenes with double TT gold medalist Kristin Armstrong (03:39) globalcyclingnetwork
 Tejay Van Garderen Extends Overall Lead (01:42) SNTV
 Recap - Bontrager Cycling Team (2:40) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey break down the stage and preview stage 7 (03:40) Bicycling
 Tejay van Garderen on Winning the Stage (02:04) Bicycling
 Ted King's Time Trial (04:14) Bicycling
 Michael Rogers on the Time Trial (02:44) Bicycling
 Tejay Van Garderen closes on overall victory with ITT win (0:30) Eurosport
 ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (04:51) ORICA-GreenEDGE
 Coverage of the women's time trial (01:04:12) AmgenTourofCali
 CLIF Bar Defining Moments the Stage (0:48) AmgenTourofCali
 Team Work: Soigneurs and UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team (02:20) UHCprocycling
 Official Highlights (06:31) AmgenTourofCali
 Women's Time Trial: Evelyn Stevens and Alison Powers post-race (01:56) cyclingnewstv
Stage 5  
 Recap - Bontrager Cycling Team (2:12) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Highlights (04:48) universalsports
 Jens Voigt "now or never, now or never..." (01:33) SBS
 Highlights (01:12) SNTV
 ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (06:37) ORICA-GreenEDGE
 RadioShack-Leopard's Matthew Busche on Stage 5's Big Split (02:42) Bicycling
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey break down the stage and preview stage 6 (03:15) Bicycling
 Official Highlights (05:59) AmgenTourofCali
 Post-race with with Tejay Van Garderen and Tyler Farrar (02:25) cyclingnewstv
 Interview with the race leader (01:36) NBC Sports
 Interview with the stage winner (0:49) NBC Sports
 Final kilometer (05:10) NBC Sports
Stage 4  
 Post-stage press conference (12:45) AmgenTourofCali
 CLIF Bar Defining Moment (01:46) AmgenTourofCali
 Welcome (to the) Bob Jungels (02:27) Bicycling
 Ken Hanson on ATOC Sprints (01:29) Bicycling
 Interview with Garmin Sharp's Tyler Farrar (01:12) Garmin Sharp
 Tour Insider - Peter Sagan Wheelie Clinic (01:30) SRAM Road Diaries
 BMC Racing Team's pre-race meeting (03:47) BMCProTeam
 ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (05:51) ORICA-GreenEDGE
 Recap - Bontrager Cycling Team (1:34) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Lawson Craddock. Best Young Rider. White Jersey...Nuff Said! (02:22) Robert Turner
 Official Highlights (05:53) AmgenTourofCali
 Highlights (01:05) SNTV
 Brief highlights (0:30) Eurosport
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey break down the stage and preview stage 5 (04:44) Bicycling
 Tyler Farrar (Garmin-Sharp) and Ken Hanson (Optum) after the stage (01:42) cyclingnewstv
 Jens Voigt on Attacking With Confidence (03:23) Bicycling
 California Contender UHC's Philip Deignan (02:40) Bicycling
 Lawson Craddock, Future TT Star (03:05) Bicycling
 Garmin's Winning Leadout Train (03:05) Bicycling
 Stage finish (05:18) NBC Sports
Stage 3  
 The Pro Cycling Life. Mark Johnson is living it! (03:06) Robert Turner
 Post-stage press conference (12:06) AmgenTourofCali
 Recap - Bontrager Cycling Team (1:46) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Highlights (04:55) universalsports
 Official Highlights (05:26) AmgenTourofCali
 Peter Sagan Wins Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour (01:02) Aol Sports
 Highlights (05:30) SBS
 ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (06:04) ORICA-GreenEDGE
 Andy Schleck on His Stage 3 Breakaway and Stages Ahead (02:20) Bicycling
 Chad Haga Balances Leadout Duties & GC Aspirations (01:40) Bicycling
 Do Pros Prefer Aero or Traditional Helmets? (01:47) Bicycling
 Lachlan Morton, Garmin's Aussie Up-and-Comer (03:17) Bicycling
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey break down the stage and preview stage 4 (03:46) Bicycling
 Tejay van Garderen on ATOC Rivals (1:55) Bicycling
 Start City Palmdale has made a Huge Effort for the race (03:02) Robert Turner
 Amgen tour rolls back into Santa Clarita (04:4) Local Fox affiliate
Stage 2  
 Post-stage press conference (15:33) AmgenTourofCali
 Official Highlights (06:06) AmgenTourofCali
 Bike Tour Passes Through the Valley (02:03) Local NBC affiliate
 Spectators braved the heat to watch (02:12) Local NBC affiliate
 Teamwork Puts Deignan(UHC) on the Podium (02:44) UHCprocycling
 Recap - Bontrager Cycling Team (1:42) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (04:39) ORICA-GreenEDGE
 Tejay van Garderen (BMC) after the stage (01:42) cyclingnewstv
 Philip Deignan (UnitedHealthcare) after the stage (01:42) cyclingnewstv
 Survival of the Fittest - Andy Schleck & Michael Rogers post-stage (1:31) Bicycling
 Tour Insider - Timmy Duggan (Saxo-Tinkoff) Bike Profile (01:34) SRAM Road Diaries
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey break down the stage and preview stage 3 (03:53) Bicycling
 BMC lieutenant Mathias Frank on guiding Tejay up the climb (01:11) Bicycling
 RadioShack-Leopard's Matthew Busche on Surviving Stage 2 (02:38) Bicycling
 Belgium's Rising Star, Bontrager's Jasper Stuyven (02:13) Bicycling
 Amgen Bike Race to Pass Through the Valley (02:31) Local NBC affiliate
 Coachella Valley prepares for the cyclists (01:46) Local Fox affiliate
 Behind The Scenes: Keeping Up With The BMC Racing Team (0:40) BMCProTeam
 Tour Insider - SRAM Neutral Race Support (01:59) SRAM Road Diaries
Stage 1  
 Team NetApp-Endura at the Amgen Tour of California - Part 1 (03:55) NetAppEndura
 Highlights (05:19) universalsports
 Post-stage press conference (14:20) AmgenTourofCali
 Clif Bar Defining Moment (0:37) AmgenTourofCali
 Official Highlights (05:58) AmgenTourofCali
 Cyclists, Costumes and Cowbells (02:34) Local NBC affiliate
 Fans turned out to cheer on the racers (01:41) Local NBC affiliate
 Amgen Fans Feel Adrenaline (01:41) Local NBC affiliate
 The Race Kicked off in Escondido (0:47) Yahoo!
 Team United Healthcare Kickoff (01:02) UHCprocycling
 ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (05:44) ORICA-GreenEDGE
 Frankie Andreu and Joe Lindsey break down the gruelling stage (03:35) Bicycling
 Cannondale's Ted King describes the suffering from the heat (03:15) Bicycling
 Amgen Tour of California kicks off in Escondido (01:59) Local NBC affiliate
 Frankie Andreu and Joe Lindsey Preview the Stage (03:07) Bicycling
 Lucas Euser and the UnitedHealthcare Squad (02:42) Bicycling
 Garmin-Sharp's California Goals (02:42) Bicycling
 Press Conference - Michael Roth puts it together (05:49) Robert Turner
 Kickoff Press Conference (01:11:39) AmgenTourofCali
 Frankie Andreu and Joe Lindsey on the course and contenders (03:51) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt Loves Racing in the US (01:52) Bicycling
 Omega Pharma DS on California and Boonen (02:35) Bicycling
 Mathew Busche on Leading RadioShack (02:29) Bicycling
 Thomas De Gendt's First Tour of California (01:23) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt after the press conference (02:21) Robert Turner
 Jens Voigt Previews the Tour of California (English, 01:38) Bicycling
 Tejay van Garderen Wants to Win California (English, 02:30) Bicycling
 Lawson Craddock's Tour of California Goals (English, 01:45) Bicycling
 Escondido getting ready for a huge influx of spectators and cyclists (0:59) NBC7 - KNSD San Diego
 Trailer: Get Ready..Amgen Tour of California (01:01) AmgenTourofCali
 2013 Amgen Tour of California Route Video (10:02) AmgenTourofCali
 2013 ATOC City Announcement (29:26)  AmgenTourofCali