2015 Tour of Qatar videos


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- 2015 Tour of Qatar videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page throughout the race, as available.
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2015 Tour of Qatar Videos - February 8 - 13


2014 Tour of Qatar videos Source
Stage 6  
 Niki Terpstra (Omega Pharma-QuickStep) reflects on his win (English, 01:03) Eurosport
 After a strong performance Roelandts looks to the Classics (English, 01:34) Eurosport
 GCN Stage 6 Alternative Commentary (English, 01:35:01) Global Cycling Network
Stage 5  
 Stage 5 Race Report (English, 02:09) Global Cycling Network
Stage 4  
 Stage 4 Race Report (English, 02:22) Global Cycling Network
 BMC Interview of the Day: Martin Kohler (02:12) BMCPro Team
 UHC Fast Wheel Change in Qatar (0:29) UHCprocycling
Stage 3  
 BMC's Interview of the Day: Greg van Avermaet (0:33) BMCPro Team
 Stage 3 Race Report (English, 02:11) Global Cycling Network
Stage 2  
 Race Reports for the first two stages (English, 03:43) Global Cycling Network
 UHC Qatar Wheel Change (02:25) UHCprocycling
Stage 1  
 BMC's Interview of the Day: Sebastian Lander (03:02) BMCPro Team
 Highlights (01:40) - May be geo-restricted Reuters
 Building Up A BMC after arriving at the Tour of Qatar (01:11) BMCProTeam
 UHC gets ready for Qatar and Oman (English, 02:08) UHCprocycling
 Top 10 Riders to Watch at the Tour of Qatar & Tour of Oman (English, 04:43)  globalcyclingnetwork
 IAM Cycling's DS Kjell Carlstrom on the race (English, 01:01)  iamcycling


2013 Tour of Qatar videos  
Stage 6  
 Race Report (English, 03:00) globalcyclingnetwork
 Evan Huffman post stage (English, 02:00) Astana ProTeam
Stage 5  
 Race Report (English, 03:44) globalcyclingnetwork
 Arman Kamyshev post stage (English captions, 02:00) Astana ProTeam
Stage 4  
 Race Report (English, 04:25) globalcyclingnetwork
 Andrea Guardini post stage (English captions, 02:00) Astana ProTeam
Stage 3  
 Race Report (English, 04:12) globalcyclingnetwork
 Borut Bozic post stage (English, 02:30) Astana ProTeam
Stage 2 TTT
 Race Report (English, 03:32) globalcyclingnetwork
 Jacopo Guarnieri post stage (English captions, 02:01) Astana ProTeam
Stage 1  
 Race Report (English, 04:09) globalcyclingnetwork 
 Andrei Grivko post stage (English captions, 02:30) Astana ProTeam


2012 Tour of Qatar videos
Stage 6
 Final sprint - Mark Cavendish crashes (0:51) Eurosport
 Winner's joy at overall victory in Qatar (01:38) CyclingNews
 GreenEDGE guys wrap the 2012 Tour of Qatar (03:19) GreenEdge Cycling
 A look back at a week of fast racing (01:12) RadioshackNissanTrek
Stage 5
 Highlights (02:42) The Telegraph
 Robbie McEwen introduces Aidis Kruopis (03:23) GreenEdge Cycling
 Cavendish pleased after the stage (01:25) CyclingNews
Stage 4  
 Highlights (02:57) The Telegraph
 GreenEDGE in Qatar (01:00) SubaruAustralia-SBS
 GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - Stage 4 (05:38) GreenEdge Cycling
 Tom Boonen post stage (0:57) CyclingNews
Stage 3
 Highlights (02:52) The Telegraph
 Stage 3 wrap with Baden Cooke (04:27) GreenEdge Cycling
Stage 2  
 Highlights and interviews (02:58) The Telegraph
 Stage 2 wrap with Laurenzo Lapage (04:53) GreenEdge Cycling
 Fabian Cancellara on the art of team time trialing (01:11) RadioshackNissanTrek
Stage 1  
 Highlights and interviews (03:02) The Telegraph
 Stage 1 wrap with Robbie McEwen (03:32) GreenEdge Cycling