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- Hour Record attempt videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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Hour Record Attempt Videos Source
Victor Campenaerts - April 16, 2019  
 On Demand Replay: Victor Campenaerts Hour Record attempt (English, 01:31:10) UCI
 Victor Campenaerts thanks his supporters "Free beer!" (English, 0:51) Sporza
 Victor Campenaerts post race interview (Dutch/English, 04:43) Sporza
 Victor Campenaerts sets the world hour record! (Dutch, 02:57) Sporza
 Campenaerts ahead of Wiggins almost 2 laps after 52 minutes (Dutch, 0:35) Sporza
 A difficult moment for Campenaerts just past halfway (Dutch, 03:35) Sporza
 Halfway Campenaerts has already taken a lap on Wiggins record (Dutch, 0:46) Sporza
 After 20 kilometers, Campenaerts is more than 11 seconds faster (Dutch, 0:28) Sporza
 After 10 kilometers, Campenaerts is already 4 seconds faster (Dutch, 0:17) Sporza
 Campenaerts is 2 seconds faster than Wiggins after 7.5 kilometers (Dutch, 0:52) Sporza
 Victor Campenaerts begins his UCI Hour Record attempt (Dutch, 01:18) Sporza
 Victor Campenaerts to take on the UCI Hour Record (English, 01:21) Lotto Soudal
Vittoria Bussi- September 13, 2018  
 Vittoria Bussi Breaks UCI Hour Record - First Woman to Ride 48km in 1hr! (English, 03:00) HVMN
 Evelyn Stevens - February 27, 2016  
 Evelyn Stevens UCI Hour Record Attempt Highlights (English, 01:20) mysportlive
 Evelyn Stevens Hour Record On Demand Replay (English, 01:58:18) mysportlive
Bridie O'Donnell - January 22, 2016  
 Bridie O’Donnell Hour Record On Demand Replay (English, 03:13:44) mysportlive
Molly Shaffer Van Houweling - September 12, 2015  
 Highlights - Molly Shaffer Van Houweling #UCIHourRecord (English, 05:37) ucichannel
 Molly Shaffer Van Houweling Hour Record On Demand Replay (English, 01:44:30) wheelsout
 Molly Shaffer Van Houweling next to attack women's UCI Hour Record (English, 0:46) ucichannel
 Molly Shaffer Van Houweling next to attack women's UCI Hour Record (Spanish, 0:46) ucichannel
Sir Bradley Wiggins - June 7, 2015
 Essential Things To Know About Brad's Record-Breaking Ride (English, 05:15) Global Cycling Network
 Highlights: Wiggins breaks cycling's one-hour mark (English, 02:11) ESPN
 Sir Bradley Wiggins breaks cycling's hour record (English, 01:41) Telegraph
 Sir Bradley Wiggins interview (English, 05:04) Sky Sports
 Brailsford hails 'truly amazing' record (English, 01:06) Sky Sports
 Career highlight for Wiggins coach (English, 01:27) Sky Sports
 On Demand replay: Bradley Wiggins Hour Record attempt (English, 01:41:04) ucichannel
 Bradley Wiggins' Pinarello Bolide HR (English, 01:16) cyclingnewstv
 Wiggins suited to hour record (English, 01:58) Sky Sport
 Brailsford says Wiggins is a master (English, 04:34) Sky Sport
 The longest hour approaches for Wiggo (English, 03:11) SBS
 Bradley Wiggins: There’s no second place in the Hour Record (English, 02:40) Cycling Weekly
 The Hour Record: Cycling's Holy Grail (English, 02:45) Sky Sport
 Bradley Wiggins training for the UCI Hour Record (Ambient sound, 0:39) cyclingnewstv
 Wiggins: Hour not that bad (English, 02:32) Sky Sports
 Wiggins targeting 55.250km (English, 02:48) Sky Sports
 Wiggins relishing world hour record duel (English, 01:28) Sky Sports
 Bradley Wiggins on Alex Dowsett & The Hour Record (English, 01:33) cyclingnewstv
 Bradley Wiggins to take on UCI Hour Record (English, 0:29) Eurosport
 Sir Bradley Wiggins targets world record (English, 01:11) Sky Sports
Alex Dowsett attempt - May 2, 2015
 Highlights UCI Hour Record - Alex Dowsett (English, 04:50) ucichannel
 Alex Dowsett Sets New UCI Hour Record (English, 01:12) SNTV
 Alex Dowsett breaks the UCI Hour Record (English/Ambient sound, 5:00) Movistar Team
 Alex Dowsett gets ready for his hour world record attempt (English, 01:20) Eurosport
 A special skinsuit for Alex Dowsett's Hour Record attempt (Music, 01:20) EnduraOfficial
 Alex Dowsett uses a wind tunnel for hour record preparation (Music, 01:47) Es Ciclismo
 Alex Dowsett: Preparing for the Hour Record (English, 03:43) cyclingnewstv
 Alex Dowsett on his Hour Record attempt (English, 03:20) CyclingWeekly
Gustav Larsson attempt - March 14, 2015  
 Gustav Larsson UCI Hour Record attempt highlights (English, 03:05)  FACE Partnership
Sarah Storey attempt - February 28, 2015  
 Dame Sarah Story - hardest hour of her life (English, 02:13) ucichannel
 On Demand replay: Sarah Storey Hour Record attempt (English, 01:32:06) ucichannel
 Sarah Storey UCI Hour Record attempt promo (English, 0:30) ucichannel
 Sarah Storey talks ahead of her Hour Record attempt (English, 02:34) Madison
 Sarah Storey on attempting the hour record at Olympic velodrome (English, 0:46) KICCA
Thomas Dekker attempt - February 25, 2015  
 A look at Thomas Dekker's Hour Record bicycle: Koga TeeTeeTrack (Music, 01:52) Racefietsblog.nl
 Focus, Allocation and Lap Times (Dutch, 01:27) Thomas Dekker
 Thomas Dekker UCI Hour Record attempt teaser (English, 0:29) ucichannel
Rohan Dennis attempt - February 8, 2015  
 Rohan Dennis Hour Record Highlights (English, 01:02) ucichannel
 Rohan Dennis interview after his Hour Record ride (English, 02:09) SBS
 Rohan Dennis sets new UCI Hour record (English, 08:58) SBS
 On Demand replay: Rohan Dennis Hour Record attempt - English (English, 01:23:56) ucichannel
 On Demand replay: Rohan Dennis Hour Record attempt - German (German, 01:23:03) ucichannel
 Rohan Dennis - Preparation Behind The Scenes (English, 03:07) BMCProTeam
 Tour Down Under champ Rohan Dennis will attempt to break the UCI Hour Record (English, 0:47) SBS
 Rohan Dennis next to attack the UCI Hour Record (English, 0:30) ucichannel
 BMC Racing Team's Rohan Dennis: World Hour Record Promo (English, 0:31) BMCProTeam
 Rohan Dennis (BMC) discusses his Hour Record attempt (English, 03:10) SBS
 BMC Racing Team's Rohan Dennis talks about attempting the Hour Record (English, 02:02) BMCProTeam
Jack Bobridge attempt - January 31, 2015  
 On Demand replay: Jack Bobridge Hour Record attempt (English, 01:55:45) James Taylor
 Jack Bobridge is ready for Hour Record (SBS, English, 03:34) SBS
 Jack Bobridge chats ahead of his hour attempt at Tracknats (English, 02:11) Cycling Australia
 Interviews from the press conference at Flinders Street Station (English, 06:11) Team Budget Forklifts
 Be there to witness Jack Bobridge go for the hour record (English, 0:15) Cycling Australia
 Jack Bobridge aims for the hour record (English, 04:23) SBS
Ruben Van Gucht attempt - November 21, 2014  
 Van Gucht: Maybe next year (Dutch, 02:59) Sporza
 Ruben Van Gucht finishes his attempt (Dutch, 02:40) Sporza
 Ruben Van Gucht begins his attempt (Dutch, 0:37) Sporza
Matthias Brändle - October 30, 2014  
 Brandle breaks one-hour UCI record (Eurosport, 01:24) Eurosport
 Austrian Braendle sets new hour record (Eurosport, 01:10) Eurosport
 On Demand replay: Matthias Brändle Hour Record attempt UCI Channel (English, 01:29:20) ucichannel
 Matthias Brandle wants the world hour record (German, 02:52) RTV
 Matthias Brandle's Scott bike - IAM Cycling Team (01:02) Yohann Proust
 Matthias Brändle next to attack the UCI Hour Record (English, 0:40) ucichannel
Jens Voigt - September 18, 2014
 As Live Repeat  (Subscription Cycling TV) Cyclingtv
 Jens Voigt - Man of the hour (English, 07:34) inCycle
 Jens Voigt on breaking cycling record (English, 01:00) SNTV
 The final laps - Jens Voigt sets new record time (Italian, 01:59) Eurosport
 On Demand replay: Jens Voigt Hour Record attempt UCI Channel (English, 01:10:22) -May be geo-restricted  ucichannel
 Jens Voigt: Before the curtain drops (English, 06:35) Trek Bicycle
 Jens Voigt to attempt the hour record (English, 03:22) inCycle