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Tour de Cycling - Friday

You've heard of the Giro d'Italia. The Giretto d'Italia, or "Little Giro," is a charity ride created by an American father and daughter team, Gene Nacey and Nina Wilczek. They need sponsors to help them reach their goal of raising $10,000 for LIVESTRONG. They are riding the first 5 stages of the Giro next month ahead of the peloton.  Want to consider sponsoring a rider?  "Whatever you can do is great - 10 cents per mile, $1 per mile, $10 per mile - it's up to you! Your funds will go towards cancer research through the Lance Armstrong Foundation and benefit cancer survivors worldwide."  Click here for more info.


- Giro del Trentino LIVE ticker here.  More links below.  More Tour de Cycling - Friday to come.

- 2009 Jelajah Malaysia: With two stages left to go, Mehdi Sohrabi (Iran, Tabriz Petrochemical Team) leads the race, with Taiji Nishitani (Japan, Aisan Racing Team) second at 4 seconds, James Spragg (Great Britain, Trek Marco Polo Cycling Team) third at 5 seconds and Will Routley (Canada, Jelly Belly) in 4th at 7 seconds.

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The colors of the peloton during today's Stage 6.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  Taiji Nishitani (Japan, Aisan Racing Team), far right, wins today's
Stage 6 sprint ahead of Joel Pearson (Australia, Savings & Loan Cycling Team) and
Shaun McCarthy (Australia, Ride Sport Racing).  Will Routley (middle rear, Canada, Jelly Belly) finished 4th.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  Suhardi Hassan (top Malaysian rider, white jersey), Abbas Saeiditanha (King of the Mountains, polka-dot jersey), Mehdi Sohrabi (race leader, yellow jersey) and Anuar Manan (second to Sohrabi in points, green jersey) on the podium after Stage 6.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia
Official Website - Teams/Start List - Photos


Giro del Trentino, April 22-25

Giro del Trentino Official Website

Giro del Trentino photos
Giro del Trentino video clips

Live ticker

Tour de Cycling - Thursday

- Had a good chat with the Jelajah Malaysia media officer during yesterday's Fleche Wallonne.  They're doing some really impressive work, great communication and website.  It seems the newer races, and that includes the Tour of California, are leading the way in embracing technology and new forms of communication.  Good to see.  TDF organizer A.S.O. use string and paper cups...they need to get with it.  Pics below are from today's Jelajah Malaysia Stage 5.  More pics on their website, links below.  -Pete

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The peloton rides along the beach during today's Stage 5.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The peloton at Kuala Dungun Bridge.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  Anuar Manan (Azad University) wins his second consecutive stage.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia
Official Website - Teams/Start List - Photos

- Exciting stage of the Giro del Trentino.  It's a crime there isn't any live video.

- More Tour de Cycling - Thursday to come.

Giro del Trentino, April 22-25

Giro del Trentino Official Website

Giro del Trentino photos
Giro del Trentino video clips

Live ticker

Tour de Cycling - Tuesday


Giro del Trentino, April 22-25

2009 Giro del Trentino: Ivan Basso (Liquigas) at today's pre-race press conference
Copyright ©

The 33rd Giro del Trentino (Italy) starts tomorrow and runs to April 25.  Ivan Basso (Liquigas) heads a field that includes Franco Pellizotti, Janez Brajkovic, Marzio Bruseghin, Danilo Di Luca, Stefano Garzelli, and Gilberto Simoni to name a few.

The official site promises a Giro del Trentino live ticker but television coverage will be delayed on RAI Sport Piu.  Organizers are also inviting spectators to submit video clips and photos and are providing free WIFI access for this purpose.  Video and photos from today's pre-race press conference are already available online.

Giro del Trentino Official Website
Start List
Giro del Trentino photos
Giro del Trentino video clips


UCI Asia Tour:  2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia: Mohd. Razif Mohd. Salleh (Malaysia, Letua Cycling Team) and
Matthew Crane (USA, Jelly Belly) in the peloton during yesterday's Stage 2.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

We have been receiving some beautiful photos from Jelajah Malaysia media officials and are only too happy to help promote this race.  They have an excellent website (link below) where you can read about the history of the race, see all the race news and results and plenty of superb photos from this year's race as well as from past years.

The Jelajah Malaysia is part of the UCI Asia Tour (2.2).  The race began April 19 and runs through April 26.  The U.S. team Jelly Belly is in the race with Matthew Rice (Australia), Will Routley (Canada) and Americans Bernard Van Ulden, Kel Reijnen, Charles Huff, and Matthew Crane (photo above).  Among other countries represented include teams from Iran, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and of course Malaysia with several teams.

Jelajah Malaysia Official Website
Teams/Start List
Photo Gallery

Tour de Cycling - Monday

 - France TV:  Agreement "likely" that will allow Lance Armstrong to start the Tour de France

On yesterday's Stade2 program on France 2 television, there was a discussion of the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) case vs. Lance Armstrong with regard to sample collection protocol in mid-March.  Stade2 reporters talked to AFLD president Pierre Bordry, two-time Tour champion and TV consultant Laurent Fignon, a couple of French riders and other French athletes about the case.  The UCI and Tour organizer A.S.O. did not respond to requests for interviews for the program.  Armstrong continues to enjoy very wide support among his peers in the sports world, including in France, with everyone expressing surprise at how many times he has been tested in recent months.  Fignon commented that the situation "is not good for cycling, not good for Armstrong, not good for anyone."  A Stade2 reporter commented that though the AFLD, as previously reported, will announce its decision on what to do in early May, it now appears likely that all sides will come to an agreement permitting Armstrong to be at the start line of the Tour.  The program also briefly covers the recent Tyler Hamilton positive and retirement announcement.  

- The Bos/Impey crash poll has been closed due to evidence of several hundred votes coming from the same IP address this afternoon.  (not difficult to do)  The poll was never going to be scientific anyway but did we forget to ask people not to vote 300 times?

2009 Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré
route unveiled

Organizers of the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré today officially unveiled the route for the 2009 edition of the race, June 7-14.  The race will include a 12.1km opening time trial in the city of Nancy, a 42.4km time trial around the city of Valence, and a stage to Mont Ventoux.  The race thus shares with the 2009 Tour de France an opening time trial instead of a prologue (prologues are limited to 8km), a 40km+ long time trial and a stage finish on Ventoux (the penultimate stage in the case of the TDF), making the Dauphiné a good preparation race for the Tour, as it typically is.


June 7, Stage 1: Nancy, 12.1 km Individual TT

June 8, Stage 2: Nancy - Dijon, 228 km

June 9, Stage 3: Tournus - Saint-Etienne, 182 km

June 10, Stage 4: Bourg-lès-Valence - Valence, 42,4 km Individual Time Trial

June 11, Stage 5: Valence-Mont Ventoux, 154 km

June 12, Stage 6: Gap - Briançon, 106 km

June 13, Stage 7: Briançon - Saint-François-Longchamp, 157 km

June 14, Stage 8: Faverges - Grenoble, 146 km

19 teams will be competing this year, with the BMC team added to the automatically qualified 18 UCI ProTeams.  Riders that might be expected on the start line include Alberto Contador, Cadel Evans, Sylvain Chavanel, David Millar, Cyril Dessel, David Moncoutié, Sandy Casar, and Robert Gesink.

For more: Dauphine Libere Official Website


- Regarding yesterday's crash at the Tour of Turkey (links to video and our poll below), race winner Daryl Impey (Barloworld) has given his version of events:

"I got taken down deliberately by Bos from Rabobank, you can even see it on youtube, only one word for him and that is a true chophead. He doesn't deserve to race anymore and I am thinking about going to the UCI about his dangerous riding. He tried to pass me 700m to go in the bunch sprint but there was no-where to go and all of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling me into the barriers. We both crashed."  More here.

Poll: Tour of Turkey crash: Theo Bos grabs yellow jersey Daryl Impey, both riders go down. No action taken. Do you agree?

Minutes after a crash near the finish of today's Tour of Turkey final stage, we posted a link to this YouTube video showing the final kilometers of the stage.  (The crash, involving Theo Bos (Rabobank) and Daryl Impey (Barloworld) takes place 03:40 into the video.)

The image above is a still from a higher quality video clip at (free registration)

According to cyclingnews, "Impey remained on the ground for 20 minutes before getting back on his bike to cross the finish line. He was taken to the hospital in Alanya where the doctors reported a fracture of the third disc of his lumbar vertebra, a micro-fracture of his neck, facial trauma, a few broken teeth and a deep cut in his lips."

Bos denies intent with regard to Impey's crashing.  UCI commissaires watched the video and agreed, taking no action against Bos.  And yet one thing is sure:  In the middle of a high speed sprint finish, Bos grabbed hold of Impey's jersey, a dangerous action, and caused the crash.  Do you agree with the UCI commissaires?


Tour de Cycling - Saturday

You've heard of the Giro d'Italia. The Giretto d'Italia, or "Little Giro," is a charity ride created by an American father and daughter team, Gene Nacey and Nina Wilczek. They need sponsors and riders. They are riding the first 5 stages of the Giro next month ahead of the peloton.  Want to consider sponsoring a rider?  "Whatever you can do is great - 10 cents per mile, $1 per mile, $10 per mile - it's up to you! Your funds will go towards cancer research through the Lance Armstrong Foundation and benefit cancer survivors worldwide."  Click here for more info.


- Amstel Gold Race:  There are multiple live feeds playing now, post-teams presentation.  There are different camera angles....looks like cyclo-tourists crossing the finish line, riders climbing the Keuteberg, and people gathered at a party.

- Tour of Turkey: David Loosli (Lampre), who lost the yellow jersey yesterday after a couple of flats and finally a crash, decided enough is enough and did not start today.

- Tour of Turkey Stage 7 LIVE now too on with Martin McCrossan commentating. (link below)

- Tour of Turkey LIVE now on TRT 1. (link below)

- Later today, we'll take a first look at the Amstel Gold Race live coverage options, with our full live coverage guide listing Amstel Gold Race live video, audio, tickers and graphics coming Sunday morning.

- Highlights of yesterday's Tour of Turkey Stage 6 are available at here.  (free subscription required)

On today: Tour of Turkey, Stage 7: (through April 19)
Live video at TRT 1 (link is back online)
Live video at (14:00 CET (8am U.S. Eastern), English commentary, free, requires registration)
Live audio (Eurosport France) (14:00 CET) - Eurosport is not showing live weekend coverage of the Tour of Turkey
Official Website - Teams/Start List


Tour de Cycling - Friday

 - Tour of Turkey Stage 7 live video on Saturday: 14:00 CET (8am U.S. Eastern)


Hamilton announces retirement following positive test

Tyler Hamilton on Mont Ventoux during the 2004 Dauphine Libere.
Copyright © 2004 Pete Geyer/

- Tyler Hamilton retires, reveals he has been fighting depression for years, tested positive for an over-the-counter antidepressant.  AP story here.

- Tyler Hamilton to announce retirement today.  Story at ESPN here.

- Breaking news:  The New York Times is reporting that American Tyler Hamilton has tested positive for a banned substance and could face a lifetime ban from cycling.  Story here.

- Tour of Turkey LIVE again on (link below)

- Update: 14:34 CET (8:34am U.S. Eastern) - Tour of Turkey video currently not playing for us (France) or Bernie (U.K.)

- Tour of Turkey LIVE now on (link  below), though we aren't getting any audio at the moment.

- More to come.

Tour of Turkey, Stage 6: (through April 19)
Live video (13:55 CET (7:55am U.S. Eastern))
Live video at (English commentary, free, requires registration)
Live audio (Eurosport France) (14:00 CET)
Official Website - Teams/Start List

Tour de Cycling - Thursday

- Tour of Turkey Stage 6 live video Friday: 13:55 CET (7:55am U.S. Eastern)


GP de Denain: Casper wins


- Watch a French evening news clip about the GP de Denain and Jimmy Casper's record-setting third win today.  Casper beat Juan Jose Haedo to the line.  Includes some historical footage.  Not a whole lot of race action. Clip is here.  (watch from position 17:10 to 19:20 in the program)

- Just in: Boonen foot not broken:  Tom Boonen, involved in the sprint finish crash at yesterday's Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen, was examined today and has "heavy bruising" to his right wrist and foot but did not break any bones as was originally feared.  But if he still has pain on Monday, more tests will be done.  (source: Sporza)

- GP de Denain:  Mission accomplished for Jimmy Casper who just won his third edition of this race in a group sprint and solidified his overall lead in the Coupe de FranceJuan Jose Haedo took second, Denis Flahaut third.

- Tour of Turkey LIVE coverage has begun.  Links below but also, one person emailed and another tweeted that there is a live feed with English commentary available via  This feed was embedded on the official site the other day but at the moment you will find a link to it at the bottom of the page here.  Note that registration is required.  We don't know anything about this site.

Tour of Turkey, Stage 5: (through April 19)
Live video (13:45 CET (7:45am U.S. Eastern))
Live audio (Eurosport France) (14:00 CET)
Official Website - Teams/Start List

- Kazakhstan’s cycling federation to resume paying Astana wagesAlberto Contador and his teammates had not received paychecks for about a month.  (Lance Armstrong is not taking a paycheck for riding for the team.)  AP story here.

- Robbie McEwen injury update:  McEwen suffered a concussion but no fractures in yesterday's sprint crash at the Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen. (source: AFP)

Tour de Cycling - Wednesday

- Tour of Turkey Stage 5 live video Thursday: 13:45 CET (7:45am U.S. Eastern)


50th Grand Prix de Denain Thursday

Thursday will see the running of the 50th Grand Prix de Denain (France).  Edvald Boasson Hagen won last year and he is back to defend.  Past winners include Jean Stablinski (1968), Walter Planckaert (1976), Paul Sherwen (1983), Frederic Moncassin (1990, 1991), Jan Kirsipuu (1998, 2001), Thor Hushovd (2004), Jimmy Casper (2005, 2006).

The GP de Denain is the next leg of the Coupe de France following yesterday's Paris-Camembert, won by Casper (Besson-Sojasun).  Casper is overall Cup leader with 85 points, Romain Feillu is in second place with 45 points.  Casper hopes to get his third career victory in Denain (worth 50 points) which would give him a pretty commanding lead in the French Cup.  He already has 4 victories this season, his surprising Besson-Sojasun team, led by manager Stephane Heulot, has 10 victories overall.  There is no live TV coverage for this race.

GP de Denain Official Website
Start List (.pdf)
(Boasson Hagen, Eisel, Kirchen, Renshaw, Elmiger, Krivtsov,
Chainel, Chavanel Seb., Guesdon, McEwen, Napolitano, Steegmans, Haedo, Feillu, Petacchi, Cooke, Lhotellerie, Bessy, Casper, Engoulvent, Jeandesboz, Vandenbrouke)


Quick Step to Tour of Missouri (September 7-13)

Tour of Missouri organizers have announced that the world's #1-ranked team, Quick Step, will compete at the 3rd annual Tour of Missouri.  More here.

Tour de Cycling - Tuesday

- Tour of Turkey live video Wednesday: 13:45 CET (7:45am U.S. Eastern)



Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen Live Coverage

- Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the 97th Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen (Belgium).  (In French it is called the Grand Prix de l'Escaut.)  Mark Cavendish won the race in 2007 and 2008 but is not back to defend this year.  Among the broadcasters showing the race live are and Sporza.  We'll have the Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen live video streams and tickers in the morning, updated during the race.

Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen Official Website
Start List (.pdf)
(Boonen, Kirchen, Eisel, Davis, Hoste, Brown, McEwen, Napolitano, Steegmans, Ciolek, Knaven, Haedo, Haussler, Hammond, Petacchi, Cooke)
Race starts at: 12:15 CET (6:15am U.S. Eastern)
Live webcast on CTV: 15:15 CET (9:15am U.S. Eastern)
Live video on Sporza: 15:15 CET (9:15am U.S. Eastern)
Other sources: Check back in the morning







- Tour of Turkey is also LIVE on Eurosport TV.  If your French is better than your Turkish, you can listen to the Eurosport France live audio feed while watching the live video.

- Paris-Camembert ticker updates will be infrequent - communications can be difficult or impossible in some remote areas of Normandy along the race route.

- Tour of Turkey LIVE video now playing.  Paris-Camembert LIVE via ticker.  Links below.

- L'Equipe photographer Bernard Papon gets the shots

Graham Watson is by far the best-known individual cycling photographer worldwide.  He obviously is world class and arguably the best.  But when French sports daily L'Equipe puts a half dozen or more of its own world class photographers on a bike race, they easily combine to produce the best photographic coverage.  The low resolution and highly compressed images above do not do justice to the superb sequence shot by L'Equipe's Bernard Papon. - Thor Hushovd, the last man left to challenge Tom Boonen in Sunday's Paris-Roubaix, goes down and Boonen is gone.  -Pete

- Paris-Camembert is underway, ticker is "live".  More to come, latest notes at the top.

On today: Paris-Camembert - (more info, links, photos, video on our Paris-Camembert page here)
Live ticker (Google-translated to English)

Also on today: Tour of Turkey (through April 19) - Official Website - Teams and Start List
Live video (starts at 13:45 CET (7:45am U.S. Eastern)

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