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Tour de Cycling - Thursday

- Giro d'Italia teams presentation LIVE now. (links below)

- Watch coverage of the Giro d'Italia Teams Presentation today on Rai Sport Piu starting at 16:15 CET (10:15am U.S. Eastern).

Live video streaming:

Rai Sport Piu

Tour de Cycling - Wednesday

- On Thursday:  Giro d'Italia Teams Presentation live at 16:15 CET (10:15am U.S. Eastern).

- Coming up:  Our first look at Giro d'Italia live coverage options.

Four Days of Dunkirk Coverage on France3 Television

- 4 Days of Dunkirk:  You can watch France TV news highlights of Stage 1 here.  (from 16:55 to 19:10)  Stage 2 highlights here.  (14:44 to 16:51)  -Bernie S.

- 4 Days of Dunkirk Stage 2 live ticker here (French).  (Google-translated to English)  More Tour de Cycling - Wednesday to come.

Four Days of Dunkirk Live Coverage

2003 4 Jours de Dunkerque: The peloton rolls through Boulogne-sur-mer during Stage 4.
Copyright © 2003 Pete Geyer/

The season's first pink leader jersey won't be awarded at the Giro on Saturday but, rather, at the Four Days of Dunkirk/Tour du Nord-Pas de Calais which starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and runs through May 10.  Yes, the "Four Days" is actually six days of racing.  2008 winner Stephane Auge (Cofidis) is back to defend.  Among the other riders expected on the start line: Dumoulin, Fedrigo, Bouyer, De Weert, Pineau, Hoste, Casper, Engoulvent, Guesdon, Grabsch, Hansen, Henderson, Feillu, Lelay, Dessel, Bodrogi, Steegmans, Cooke, Lhotellerie.

There will be live video streaming of the final three days of racing, Friday through Sunday.  We'll of course be heavily into covering the Giro d'Italia but we will also include links for watching the Four Days of Dunkirk.  Details Thursday night.

Four Days of Dunkirk Official Website
Start List (.pdf)
LIVE ticker - Stage 1
(Google-translated to English)

Tour de Cycling - Sunday

- Trophee des Grimpeurs LIVE now on Eurosport France.  More Trophee des Grimpeurs info and links here.

Tour de Cycling - Monday

- On Tuesday through May 3:  6 straight days of live cycling double-headers:  Tour de Romandie and Vuelta Ciclista a Asturias.  What more could a cycling fan want.....ahead of the Giro d'Italia which is fast approaching.  Info and links below.  -Pete (Paris) and Bernie S. (UK)  Also coming Tuesday:  2009 Liege-Bastogne-Liege photos

Rock Racing's Rahsaan Bahati has time to celebrate his victory at
Sunday's Dana Point Grand Prix.
photo courtesy Vero Image

Andreas Kloden (Astana) won the 2008 Tour de Romandie
Copyright © 2008 Fotoreporter Sirotti for

2009 Tour de Romandie starts tomorrow

The 2009 Tour de Romandie starts tomorrow, Tuesday, and runs through May 3.  Once again there will be Tour de Romandie live video streaming, notably on for cycling fans in North America.  The action gets underway with an evening 3.1km prologue in the streets of Lausanne, Switzerland.  You can watch an aerial view animation of the prologue course here.  The prologue will be the only individual effort against the clock this year as organizers are introducing, for the first time in the event's history, a Team Time Trial for Stage 3.  This will be appreciated by teams hoping to gain an edge in a couple of other big TTT opportunities this season, at the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France which sees the event return after a four-year absence.  The Tour de Romandie TTT will be short, though - just 14.8km.  The winner of the 2009 Tour de Romandie will be a rider capable of making winning moves in the hills and/or mountains of Switzerland.  Beautiful race ahead of the Giro.  We'll post our full Tour of Romandy Live Coverage Guide in the morning.

Tour de Romandie Official Website
Teams/Start List
Prologue starts at:  17:05 CET
(11:05am U.S. Eastern)
Live webcast on CTV:  19:00 CET
(1pm U.S. Eastern)
(North America only)
Live video from other sources:  Please check back tomorrow


2009 Vuelta Ciclista Asturias Live Coverage

The 2009 Vuelta Ciclista Asturias (Spain) starts tomorrow, Tuesday, and runs through May 3.  There will be Vuelta Asturias live video streamingRock Racing will be among the teams on the start line, bringing Francisco Mancebo, Aaron Kemps, Victor Hugo Pena, Fred Rodriguez, Oscar Sevilla, David Martin, Glenn Chawick and David Tanner.  We'll have more info and all the links in the morning.

Vuelta Ciclista Asturias Official Website
Teams/Start List
Race starts at:  12:25 CET (6:25am U.S. Eastern)
Live video streaming:  15:15 CET (9:15am U.S. Eastern)

Tour de Cycling - Saturday


- Coming up later today: Our first look at tomorrow's Liege-Bastogne-Liege live coverage options.

- Giro del Trentino highlights on RAI TRE are over but RAI Sport is scheduled to have 30 minutes of highlights later today at 20:30 CET (2:30pm U.S. Eastern).

- Giro del Trentino final stage ticker is live.  More Tour de Cycling - Saturday to come.

Giro del Trentino Official Website

Giro del Trentino video clips

Giro del Trentino photos

Live ticker

Watch Giro del Trentino video stream on Rai Sport Piu

- Program has ended.

- On now: Giro del Trentino Stage 3 Italian TV video stream.  Plays worldwide.  (see below)

- Coverage of today's Stage 3 of the Giro del Trentino is scheduled to be broadcast at 20:40 CET (2:40pm U.S. Eastern) on Italy's Rai Sport Piu channel.  There should be about 30 minutes of coverage.  The race should follow the rugby match which is currently playing.  This feed is viewable worldwide.  Once on that page, scroll down and click on Rai Sport Piu in the left margin.  The video stream should start up.

Giro del Trentino, April 22-25

Giro del Trentino Official Website
Giro del Trentino photos
Giro del Trentino video clips

AFLD/Armstrong: "No penalty, all samples clean."

Update:  The AFLD has confirmed that the case is closed with a statement on its website here. (French, .pdf)  In short, they met on the matter yesterday, took Armstrong's version of events into consideration, and closed the case without proceeding with testing of the hair sample.  (Blood and urine tests were clean.)

7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has just reported via Twitter that he has heard from the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) regarding the testing of blood, urine and hair samples he gave while in France in March.  "Case closed, no penalty, all samples clean," wrote Armstrong.

Tour de Cycling - Friday

You've heard of the Giro d'Italia. The Giretto d'Italia, or "Little Giro," is a charity ride created by an American father and daughter team, Gene Nacey and Nina Wilczek. They need sponsors to help them reach their goal of raising $10,000 for LIVESTRONG. They are riding the first 5 stages of the Giro next month ahead of the peloton.  Want to consider sponsoring a rider?  "Whatever you can do is great - 10 cents per mile, $1 per mile, $10 per mile - it's up to you! Your funds will go towards cancer research through the Lance Armstrong Foundation and benefit cancer survivors worldwide."  Click here for more info.


- Giro del Trentino LIVE ticker here.  More links below.  More Tour de Cycling - Friday to come.

- 2009 Jelajah Malaysia: With two stages left to go, Mehdi Sohrabi (Iran, Tabriz Petrochemical Team) leads the race, with Taiji Nishitani (Japan, Aisan Racing Team) second at 4 seconds, James Spragg (Great Britain, Trek Marco Polo Cycling Team) third at 5 seconds and Will Routley (Canada, Jelly Belly) in 4th at 7 seconds.

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The colors of the peloton during today's Stage 6.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  Taiji Nishitani (Japan, Aisan Racing Team), far right, wins today's
Stage 6 sprint ahead of Joel Pearson (Australia, Savings & Loan Cycling Team) and
Shaun McCarthy (Australia, Ride Sport Racing).  Will Routley (middle rear, Canada, Jelly Belly) finished 4th.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  Suhardi Hassan (top Malaysian rider, white jersey), Abbas Saeiditanha (King of the Mountains, polka-dot jersey), Mehdi Sohrabi (race leader, yellow jersey) and Anuar Manan (second to Sohrabi in points, green jersey) on the podium after Stage 6.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia
Official Website - Teams/Start List - Photos


Giro del Trentino, April 22-25

Giro del Trentino Official Website

Giro del Trentino photos
Giro del Trentino video clips

Live ticker

Tour de Cycling - Thursday

- Had a good chat with the Jelajah Malaysia media officer during yesterday's Fleche Wallonne.  They're doing some really impressive work, great communication and website.  It seems the newer races, and that includes the Tour of California, are leading the way in embracing technology and new forms of communication.  Good to see.  TDF organizer A.S.O. use string and paper cups...they need to get with it.  Pics below are from today's Jelajah Malaysia Stage 5.  More pics on their website, links below.  -Pete

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The peloton rides along the beach during today's Stage 5.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  The peloton at Kuala Dungun Bridge.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia

2009 Jelajah Malaysia:  Anuar Manan (Azad University) wins his second consecutive stage.
Copyright © 2009 Jelajah Malaysia
Official Website - Teams/Start List - Photos

- Exciting stage of the Giro del Trentino.  It's a crime there isn't any live video.

- More Tour de Cycling - Thursday to come.

Giro del Trentino, April 22-25

Giro del Trentino Official Website

Giro del Trentino photos
Giro del Trentino video clips

Live ticker

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